Recipe: Appetizing Mediterranean Toast

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Mediterranean Toast. This savory Mediterranean Hummus Toast with Za'atar is the perfect breakfast toast to start your day. Move over avocado toast, hummus toast is moving on in this year. This link opens in a new window.

Mediterranean Toast The cool richness of the cream cheese works brilliantly with the pungent flavours of the sundried tomato paste and the basil leaves. This Mediterranean toast is simple to make and satisfying to eat. Download our Body + Soul Meditation NOW! You can cook Mediterranean Toast using 4 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Mediterranean Toast

  1. It’s 2 slice of Whole wheat bread (70, ??).
  2. You need 2 tbsp of Athenos Hummus (60, 2).
  3. It’s 9 of Cherry tomatoes (27, 0.9).
  4. You need 8 slice of Cucumber (8, 0.3).

Toast Tuesday has become a real thing. And all though it's Friday and not Tuesday, I figured. what the heck. I'm calling this 'mediterranean' since I've added on some kalamata olives, hummus, and just. Vegan French toast with a Mediterranean flair is quick and easy with this recipe using soy milk, flour, nutritional yeast, and cinnamon.

Mediterranean Toast instructions

  1. Slice cucumber and tomatoes.
  2. Toast bread.
  3. Spread hummus on both slices.
  4. Put cucumber and tomatoes on bread.

Look no further than these Mediterranean diet breakfast recipes for all your breakfast, brunch, and breakfast-for-dinner needs. Combine cucumber, tomato, red onion and as much feta cheese as you prefer. Open Faced Mediterranean Avocado Toast is a spin off of my favorite veggie filled sandwich from Panera that satisfies both vegetarians and meat-lovers! Stupid easy, and healthier, overnight baked French toast with challah bread, fresh fruit, and a side of honey simple syrup! The principal aspects of this diet include proportionally high consumption of olive oil, legumes.

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