How to Make Perfect Polka Dot Bavarois Doll Festival Cake

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Polka Dot Bavarois Doll Festival Cake.

Polka Dot Bavarois Doll Festival Cake You can have Polka Dot Bavarois Doll Festival Cake using 29 ingredients and 17 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Polka Dot Bavarois Doll Festival Cake

  1. Prepare of <Polka dot Sponge Cake>.
  2. It’s 2 of Eggs.
  3. Prepare 50 grams of Sugar.
  4. Prepare 50 grams of Cake flour.
  5. Prepare 10 ml of Milk.
  6. It’s 15 grams of Unsalted butter.
  7. You need 10 grams of Unsalted butter.
  8. It’s 10 grams of Powdered sugar.
  9. Prepare 8 grams of Egg white.
  10. It’s 8 grams of Cake flour.
  11. You need 1 of an extremely small amount Food coloring (red).
  12. It’s of <Green Tea Sponge Cake>.
  13. You need 1 of Egg.
  14. You need 30 grams of Sugar.
  15. Prepare 25 grams of Cake flour.
  16. You need 5 grams of Matcha.
  17. You need 5 grams of Milk.
  18. You need 10 grams of Unsalted butter.
  19. Prepare of <Bavarois>.
  20. Prepare 3 of Egg yolk.
  21. Prepare 80 grams of Sugar.
  22. Prepare 200 ml of Milk.
  23. You need 200 ml of Heavy cream.
  24. It’s 15 grams of Powdered gelatin.
  25. Prepare 50 ml of Water.
  26. You need 1 of few drops Vanilla extract.
  27. You need 80 grams of Strawberries.
  28. You need of <Decorations>.
  29. It’s 1 of as much (to taste) of each Whipped cream, strawberries, doll decorations etc..

Polka Dot Bavarois Doll Festival Cake step by step

  1. Make the polka dot sponge cake. Cream the butter in a bowl, and mix in the sugar, egg whites, cake flour, and food coloring in that order. Place this into a pastry bag..
  2. Make a 25 x 15cm rectangular mold with kitchen parchment paper. Squeeze Step 1 out into a polka dot pattern on the bottom of the paper mold. Chill in the refrigerator for 10 minutes until set..
  3. Place the eggs and sugar into a bowl, place into a hot water bath to warm it up, remove from the hot water bath, whip on high with a hand mixer for 4 minutes, and then whip on low for an additional 2 minutes. Add in the sifted cake flour and stir..
  4. Once the flouriness has subsided, add in the milk and butter that has been heated up in the microwave, and stir until it produces a glaze. Pour into Step 2, and bake for 10 minutes in an oven preheated to 170°C..
  5. Make the matcha sponge cake. Make the batter in the same manner as Step 3, and mix in the combined sifted matcha powder and cake flour. Cover the 15 cm mold with parchment paper..
  6. Pour the batter into the mold, and bake for 15-17 minutes in an oven preheated to 170°C. Place onto a rack after baking, and let cool..
  7. Carefully remove the cooking sheet from a cooled Step 4, cut strips down the sides of the mold, and cut 2 strips length-wise..
  8. Stick only the side strips from Step 8 on the oven sheet, and stick it perfectly on top of the sponge cake from Step 7. 1 strip isn't enough, so spread out the the second strip as well..
  9. Cut the matcha sponge cake from Step 6 to fit the bottom of the mold, and place into the bottom of the mold from Step 8..
  10. Make the bavarois. Soak the powdered gelatin in the listed amount of water. Mix the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl. Add in the skin-temperature milk and mix..
  11. Place Step 10 into a hot water bath to warm it up, add in the soaked gelatin, and dissolve it. Pass it through a strainer, add in the vanilla essence, and stir..
  12. Mix Step 11 until it thickens while placing it in an ice water bath. Whip the heavy cream until it thickens, and stir together..
  13. Divide Step 12 into two equal portions, and mix half of it with the strawberries in a mixer..
  14. Pour Step 13 into the mold from Step 9, and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes to set..
  15. Next add in the remaining plain batter, and let chill in the fridge for more than 3 hours to solidify..
  16. Carefully remove it from the mold , remove the paper, and decorate the surface with whipped cream etc..
  17. This is a cross-section..

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