Recipe: Delicious Aamle ka khtta mitha aachar

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Aamle ka khtta mitha aachar. Aam ka aachar or mango pickle , the most loved pickle in india , as it is a seasonal dish , so it is very much loved by the foodies, you have definetly. Aam ka Mitha achar is not only loved by kids but also by the every age group of people. For making this aam ka meetha achar always try to use meetha (sweet) type of aam (mango).

Aamle ka khtta mitha aachar Aam ka Mitha Achar Recipe (Sweet Mango Pickle). This khatta meetha nimbu ka achaar is prepared from lemons, jaggery and spice powders. Serve nimbu ka achar with rotis or aloo parathas or palak paratha or methi paratha or plain parathas or any paratha of your choice. You can have Aamle ka khtta mitha aachar using 9 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Aamle ka khtta mitha aachar

  1. Prepare 250 gm of boiled Aamla/gooseberry.
  2. Prepare 100 gm of gud.
  3. Prepare 1/2 tsp of jeera/ cumin.
  4. It’s 1 tsp of saunf/ fennel.
  5. It’s 1/2 tsp of methi daana.
  6. It’s as needed of salt.
  7. It’s as needed of red chilli powder.
  8. You need as needed of turmeric powder.
  9. It’s 2 spoon of oil.

You will find the detailed khatta meetha mirch ka achar recipe at the end of the post. The fresh green chilies have to be washed, stalks removed and dried. It all depends on the variety of green chilies you use while making khatta meetha mirch ka achar recipe. Sooji (Rava), Dahi /curd (khtta), Boiled potatoes, Salt, Green chilli and ginger paste, Mustard seeds, Curry leaves, White sesame seeds. فيلم Khatta Meetha حلو وحامض بجودة عالية Khatta Meetha كامل Khatta Meetha مشاهدة Khatta Meetha تحميل EgyBest. فيلم الاكشن و الكوميديا و الجريمة و الدراما الهندي ايجي بست EgyBest.

Aamle ka khtta mitha aachar step by step

  1. Take boiled aamlas and cut it into pieces.
  2. Heat oil in pan.
  3. Put jeera saunf and methi daana.
  4. Thn add salt and red chilli and turmeric powder.
  5. Thn add gud.
  6. When gud melts Then add aamla.
  7. Mix well cook for 5 mins.
  8. Ready to serve.

Carrot Pickle, Instant Gajar ka Achar. Khatta Meetha Achar is a Chatni, Achar, Jam Jelly And Murabba, and listed in the chatni, achar, jam jelly and murabba. Other Urdu cooking recipes and video cooking recipes are also available online. Khatta Meetha Achar – Pickle, Achar Wash and cut cauliflower into florets. Khatta mitha Aam Ka achar, Sweet & Sour Mango Pickle

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