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Veg mitha pulao. Veg pulao or vegetable pulao is a basic Indian style rice pilaf that is aromatic, delicious, healthy & super quick to make for a meal. This detailed step by step recipe post will teach you how to make. Pulao or pilaf, is comfort food at its best and I make it when I want to cook something quick, easy and satisfying..veg pulao recipe or mixed vegetable pulav recipe. it includes my other types of recipes like sama ke chawal pulao, tomato bath, masala pulao, vermicelli pulao, shahi pulao, pudina rice, coconut milk.

Veg mitha pulao Earlier I shared a veg biryani. Making delicious and healthy mixed vegetable pulao is not a rocket science but if its not prepared properly with perfectly balanced spices, it will Vegetable Pulao Recipe (with Step by Step Photos). Veg pulao is a great recipe for guests. You can cook Veg mitha pulao using 7 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Veg mitha pulao

  1. It’s of some cashew…kismis.
  2. You need 1 spoon of whole garam masala(tej patta..Elaichi..lowang..dalchini).
  3. Prepare 500 gram of basmati rice.
  4. Prepare of orange food colour.
  5. You need of to taste.. salt.
  6. Prepare 4 spoon of sugar.
  7. You need 1 spoon of ghee.

Vegetable pulao recipe: there are many different ways to make and customise a simple vegetable pulao recipe and I have tried my own variations over the. This vegetable pulao recipe I am sharing here is really delicious. Very mildly spiced, flavorful with correct balance of rice and vegetables. Easy Vegetable Pulao made in a Pot (Pilaf or Pulav).

Veg mitha pulao step by step

  1. Pehle cooker me 1spoon ghee dale fir usme tej patta..whole garam masala…kaju..kismis dal kar bhune fir usme soked rice dal kar bhune…
  2. Ab usme Elaichi powder and salt dale…fir orange food colour de…uske baad thoda sa pani de…ab 4 spoon sugar dal kar ache se mila le…ab cooker band kar ke 4 siti hone de..
  3. Ab flame band kar de or garma garam kisi v gravy item ke sath searve karein.

Pulao is a one pot meal made with basmati rice, mix vegetable, spices. This special pulao recipe is my mom's and is my. Veg Pulao is regular at home but I always make using pressure cooker as its easy to put it together. But I always have wondered how they make in restaurants as the veggies are crunchy and the taste is. Spicy veg pulao recipe, Samayalkurippu Veg pulao recipe, Shukto chal.

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