Recipe: Tasty Bitterleaf soup

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Bitterleaf soup. Bitter Leaf soup is a robust West African soup, predominant in countries like Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana. This dish is neither a soup nor sauce. Bitterleaf Soup is not bitter as implied by the name.

Bitterleaf soup Bitterleaf soup – Ofe onugbu (as the Igbos like to call it) is very delicious and also comes third on This soup is popular because it could be made in more than five different ways by different ethnic. Bitterleaf Soup is the most traditional Igbo soup. Prepare it for that Igbo person in your life today. 😉 Written recipe. You can cook Bitterleaf soup using 10 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Bitterleaf soup

  1. You need of Stock fish.
  2. It’s of Salt.
  3. Prepare of Bitterleaf.
  4. It’s of Cocoyam.
  5. Prepare of Crayfish.
  6. You need of Fresh pepper.
  7. Prepare of Ogiri.
  8. It’s cubes of Stock.
  9. It’s of Pepper.
  10. Prepare of Redoil.

Delicious Bitterleaf Soup ( Ofe Onuegbu). This is a delicious Nigerian delicacy made with a special Notes. To process the bitter leaf: Wash the bitterleaf thoroughly with lots of water to remove sand. See great recipes for Egusi and bitterleaf soup, Bitterleaf soup too!

Bitterleaf soup instructions

  1. Cook the stockfish to be soft..
  2. Add water and redoil to the cooked srockfish leave it to boil very well.cook the cocoyam and blend then add to the pot let it also boil..
  3. Add crayfish,Pepper,salt,stock cubes ogiri let it also boil then wash and add the bitterleaf to boil small soup is ready..

Bitter leaf soup is popularly eaten by the Igbo speaking people of Eastern Nigeria, and The people of Cameroon. Called Ofé Onugbo by the Igbos, the Cameroonians call it Ndolé. Bitter leaf Soup is peculiar to the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria. A lot of non-Igbos shy away from bitter leaf soup (Well, I did for the longest time) because they think that, true. Bitter leaf soup is one of the most delicious soups in Nigeria.

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